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smile like you mean it

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11:50 PM - Friday, October 9, 2009

R.I.P Brian Fernando.
You'll be remembered, always.

11:23 PM - Friday, October 2, 2009

he tried to anally penetrate himself with the remote HAHAHAHAHAHA omg funny shit.

6:40 PM - Thursday, October 1, 2009

Met raph.then i forgot what we did haaa.

Got a call from Mr. lim saying that i have an interview at ngee ann city 2 hours later.
So i had to kind of rush since i live in changi... haha. and kelvin yap has an interview too 30 mins after mine at ION so after our interview we met to have lunch and met raph for her smoke break(ssssssssss). then yi xiang decided to join us.

WALKED around town alot & played pool.waited for raph to end work. she's always so sloooooow. haha... kenny came down we were suppose to watch FAME but everyone changed their mind..slacked outside cine instead and had dinner/supper at hong kong cafe .

a bird decided to shit on raph's fringe&nose.

went on a DATE with yixiang. i was late ... xiang not happy. lol went shopping with xiang and then headed to illuma to watch FAME<3. its a very nice movie, made me want to go to a performing arts school haha anyway while watching i thought i was dizzy cause the room was like moving. so i sat right up to face xiang and he said is the chair vibrating? i said yeah i think so . haha it went on for a while not knowing what it is.. today i saw somewhere that it was an earthquake .. haha ..

anyway after the movie which was around 7+ we went to have dinner. after dinner decided to sit in a corner to smoke our lungs out. then decided that we wanted to chit chat abit longer so we walked to his grandma's void deck ( still in bugis ) and decided to hang out till 11 pm because xiangs friends started to demand that i give yixiang back to them LOL ! SO CUTE.

decided to stay home.

MY THROAT is still a bitch.

9:01 PM - Sunday, September 27, 2009

my throat hurts ): i love these old pics. hahaha

1:31 AM - Friday, September 25, 2009

i have not been updating my blog for almost a century and a half i believe.
for quite sometime i've not much to talk about, besides that i doubt anybody actually goes to my blog and read all my nonesense. but none the less its the holidays, ive absoloutely nothing to do other than trying hard NOT to eat, and kelvin suggested that maybe it's time i do something with my blog. hahaha since ive nothing to do i've decided to take his advice.
and i found this very pretty blogskin so kind of motivated me to blog. HA!
ANYWAY i dont really remember what I've been upto these past few ...er months.well yes actually i remember but i couldnt be bothered to talk about it. maybe alil bit later? ha, yeah like that'll ever happen. but there is one thing i'd like to tell everybody " I HATE MR LIM" he can lick my bleeding vagina clean for he has a PHD in DOUCHERIE.

speaking of doucherie, i love this quote.

"Forsooth, latent asshole, thou hast wandered oft through the land of doucherie, where politician weaves his tale and pigeon doth shit on thy head."


oh yes now i remember i think that was last week, yes it was. went to Daniel Huang's birthday celebrated it at neverland , was with kelvin & raph too daniel huang was very drunk. kelvin puked a years worth of puke , raph was hahahahaha crying . lol and i was throwing a major bitch fit. yea that pretty much sums it up. hahah as for the rest of the people there, theyre still okay but i bet PUI was the happiest because he got to touch or "pat" one of the female dancers at the disco. lol hahahahahahahahahahah

okay its pretty obvious i dont feel like blogging. maybe later . hopefully by saying later i dont mean 3 months from now ha.

7:58 PM - Monday, June 15, 2009

Suntec,Marina yesterday
met raph first, then silver joined us. waited for da, huang and tan to end work

my hair colour faded already.

but i think it blends more now. lol

My piggies.

this is why we girls take longer.
to be honest this doesnt even including touching up our make up

so its supposedly abit longer.

1:38 PM - Sunday, June 14, 2009

i'm too lazy to type so whatever.
my nails. lol random

got blonde "tips" supposedly but xiang blur end up doing highlights.
didn;t really like the blonde so got red and er darker red
streaks instead but left some of the blonde

Town, IT fair & Marina with girlfriends.120609

town with ms.gan

elton's birthday chalet.